The company is deeply engaged in the African agricultural product processing market, especially in Ethiopia. Since 2012, the company has provided a number of production lines and single machine equipment for MSA Company, RICHLAND Oil Extraction Plant, bean cleaning company in Bahir Dar, and coffee bean cleaning company in Addis Ababa. Zhongzhi machinery and equipment, reliable quality, low loss, convenient installation, thoughtful after-sales service, become the African market word-of-mouth good brand.

Equipment acceptance

The overseas market is an important source of output value for the company. The company has expanded overseas market layout and publicity year by year. We also actively invite overseas friends to visit the factory, inspection, acceptance. Deepen friendship and cooperation. The export of machinery and equipment is not only the pride of the people but also the recognition of international friends of Chinese manufacturing. Zhongzhi machinery to win glory for the country's original heart unswervingly.

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